How to Stay Connected

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United States Women National Team. FIFA World Cup 2015 World Champions.

We all have our favorite social media pages to search whether it is Pro Athletes, Anon Accounts or even just the famous music artiest, social media is a great way to keep in touch with family, friends and to know whats going on in the world.

There is so many different types of social media people these days can get their hands on. With having Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and so much more there is many different ways to see many of your  lives. I use most of all the different types of social media sites out there. The main three that most of the world and I use is Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

With over 1 billion Facebook users currently, many use this to share their lives with everyone. Facebook_logo Everyone uses this site in different ways. Some post once, twice maybe even three times a day. Others, like me, maybe twice a month. I really only post on Facebook, when I have pictures to post when I’m away at school. Family and friends love to see pictures, especially aunts that comment on everything that you are tagged in and everything that you post.

UnknownWith over 315 million users, Twitter has made it up to one of everyones favorite apps to be on. Getting to follow your friends, favorite stars and athletes easier and faster, Twitter is a great way to communicate with anyone around the world. Twitter is one my favorite social media sites to use because I like to follow many different accounts that focus on my favorite hobbies, interest and music. Being able to see some great professional athletes and tweet where they are and what next big game they are training for is really awesome and a great way for them to communicate with their fans.



My favorite social media sites would be Instagram. I usually use insta when I am on my phone. I like to follow friends and sometimes professional athletes and other motivational accounts. I think this app is way better than an average site like Facebook because, you only post one picture when ever you want, rather making a whole album for every event you’re in. I find it more enjoyable because when you’re on insta you’re not seeing constant post about political debates, what happened at somebodies work or any other uneducated post that someone you haven’t spoke to in years is making. If I could change one thing about this app it would be the fact that of hashtags #. I really find hashtags annoying when it comes to everything besides Twitter. HashTags make everything really messy and cluttered.

iphone-and-social-media-iconsI feel that Social Media is great way to stay connected with everyone and to see how everyone daily lives are going. Some people do not like using Social Media because they either do not feel the need to know about everyones life or they just hate the drama that goes on.



  1. Q- I rally liked and enjoyed your insight on insta!
    I honestly thought you were reading my mind when I read that section because I couldn’t agree more with you!
    I especially like how you comment on how insta doesn’t give the poster the opportunity to ramble on and the viewers do not have to see post after post of obnoxious issues. I enjoy that you post one picture on insta and that pictre is worth 1000 words! That makes instagram so unique and really makes the posters pic a photo that captures the over idea or theme of the event that their photo (post) is about! I do not have twitter so I can not attest to the hashtags making everything cluttered!
    Great job on this post, you went above and beyond in your analysis and your intertwining your personal opinions.


  2. I really like how you not only talked about your experience with social, but also added facts about the millions of other users who use different social media sites! Giving the reasons why you use it and who you follow was also good input to add to this assignment. Good job Q.


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